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Maintaining a clean exhaust 

doesn't have to be exhausting

Diesel Particulate Filter

Cleaning and Services

With 91 Bravo's mobile service, maintaining diesel particulate filters (DPF) has never been easier. Our diesel mechanics, specializing in DPF cleaning and repairs, drive out to our clients' equipment to service their trucks. They remove the DPF filters and transport them to a state-of-the-art DPF cleaning facility where filters are then tested to ensure functionality. When filters pass the test, they are then baked and retested. When it is determined that a filter is no longer functional, 91 Bravo only provides clients with OEM filter options, per California emission laws. 91 Bravo’s DPF specialists return within 24 to 48 hours to reinstall clean DPF filters, install new sensors and reset the diesel trucks' ECM to clear the codes. At the end of this service, a forced REGEN is conducted and final checks are made to ensure peak truck performance. This service provides security for our clients in knowing their equipment remains safe and at their sites.

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