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Notice to Submit to Testing

Did you receive a Notice to Submit to Testing (NST)?

A passing vehicle compliance test is required within 30 days of receipt. 91 Bravo has credentialed testers available for hire in Los Angeles, CA. Our technicians can perform a Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Regulation for your truck, at your location. We have OBD testing capability for all makes.

Starting in January 2023, California has implemented roadside emissions monitoring devices across the state to detect vehicles with high emissions levels. If a vehicle is flagged as a potential high emitter, its owner will receive an NST notification and will have a 30-day window to complete and pass an emissions test administered by CARB. Neglecting to comply with this requirement will lead to a violation, loss of compliance certification, and a hold on DMV registration.

Did you receive a Notice of Incomplete Renewal?

If your vehicle's model year is 2010 or older, it is possible that your vehicle does not comply with the Truck and Bus regulation and may be the reason you have a registration hold on your vehicle.  91 Bravo has technicians that are credentialed testers for the CARB Clean Truck Air act and can perform a Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance inspection at your location.


Receive the latest updates regarding the Clean Truck Check (Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance)

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