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Servicing Trailers in the TV/Film Industry

Before filming, all heavy-duty trucks and specialty trailers must be current on 90-day Safety (BIT) inspections and DOT Federal inspections in order to be on set and adhere to state and local laws. 

91 Bravo's qualified diesel mechanics can perform 90-day safety and DOT inspections for Hollywood premier trailer companies onsite or on set. 

91 Bravo servicing production trailers in the Los Angeles Forum for HBO

Our qualified inspectors provide paperwork that is compliant per federal code ---- on periodic inspection record-keeping requirements. 

91 Bravo servicing a DR. Pepper unit

Along with our 90-day safety inspections and DOT Annual inspections, we also can perform heavy-duty truck repairs and trailer repairs onset, allowing cast trailers to be at their finest. 


  • Star trailers

  • office trailers

  • production trailers

  • wardrobe trailers

  • honey wagons

  • motorhomes

  • and more

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